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Have you asked her to marry you? Have you accepted his proposal? If you both had, congratulations! Now, wake up!

After this beautiful step in getting married, you must face the complex process of organising a wedding. One important step is to find the best photographer for this important event in your life (if you are here, you’ve surely found one).

But even if you think you’ve found “the one” don’t be fooled, you might not match (not you as in future husband and wife, but you as a couple and the photographer). So, why not test this “chemistry” before the wedding in an engagement session, stress-free?

Just you two and the crazy guy with lots of intimidating equipment.ABP_2654

Casual location, casual clothes … it could be anywhere, your favourite spot .. or it could be while doing what you like most: riding a motorbike, a horse, doing bungie jumping (the photographer, as in me, might not like this) … you got the point!


This way, on your wedding day, we will already be friends and you’ll forget about the stress of being under “heavy shooting” by a guy with a big, black gun (and what t.f. is that white umbrella he’s carrying, it’s not like raining or anything !?!)


So why don’t you try me first? If you don’t like me or what I do, then you will not cry AFTER the wedding, when you see your LIFE memories ruined.

If you LIKE me and you grant me the honour of being your wedding photographer, then you’ll gain a lot:

– the engagement session you just did becomes FREE. The money you just paid will be considered an advance for the wedding and a “save the date” guarantee;
– you’ll also get a nice set of beautiful photos of you two, before getting married;
– excellent material for a slideshow at the reception;
– one more friend at your wedding.

What do you say?